Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Wyoming’s first LEED Silver Certified hotel stands out with an innovative commitment to the environment, enabling a luxurious guest experience with minimal eco-impact. Hotel Terra’s environmentally sustainable building and operating practices push well beyond LEED criteria and continues to develop eco-friendly efforts to preserve and protect the environment while assuring distinctive and luxurious hospitality.

Hotel Terra entrance sign.

Light & Energy

  • Hotel Terra is converting to LED bulbs in most fixtures, reducing greenhouse gasses.
  • Over 90% of the hotel interiors capture natural daylight.
  • Energy Star approved, extremely efficient windows, with Low E, a highly reflective coating that protects interiors from infrared light. This keeps heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer, reducing the need for energy used for supplemental heat or cooling.
  • 100% of our electric power is offset with the purchase of alternative energy, including wind, solar and hydro sources.
  • Radiant heating in the flooring of the parking garage, which runs along the entire ground level of the hotel, reduces direct heat loss and minimizes energy use.
  • State of the art, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, designed to customize temperature by individual zones in each guestroom or suite
  • Heating and cooling system controlled by computerized building management system allowing rooms to be powered down when not in use and calibrated for specific occupancy expectations.
  • Elimination of light pollution, avoiding disruption of nocturnal environment and migratory patterns.
Water Droplet On A Leaf.

Water & Air

  • Water conservation is a focus at Hotel Terra, which does it’s part with low-flwo fixtures and dual -flush toilets, as well as well as waterless urinals in men’s public restrooms and solar-powered faucets in public restrooms.
  • Refillable aluminum water bottles are available in all rooms and suites. Guests can refill their reusable water bottles at our lobby refill station.
  • Superior air quality inside the building by circulating large amounts of outside air into the guestrooms and employing energy recovery technology which recoups 81% of the heat from the exiting stale air. The system also controls the moisture content in the air.
  • Natural Runoff Mitigation: runoff water at the building site is collected in an underground tank, filtered, and released at a drip back into the environment, reducing potential pollution flowing into rivers, streams, and surrounding land.
  • Exclusive use of non-CFC producing refrigerants.
Exterior View Of Hotel Terra In The Summer.

Building Basics

  • Hotel Terra’s 100% recycled “Eco Shake” roof shingles are made from reinforced vinyl and cellulose fiber, plus recycled tires designed to resemble wood shake shingles.
  • 80% recycled content in the steel used throughout the building structure.
  • Fly ash, a coal burning byproduct, was used to replace up to 25% of the cement used in the concrete for the building, reducing landfill disposal of solid waste, energy used to produce the concrete, and the use of natural resources that would otherwise be used in concrete.
  • Reduced particle pollution through use of off-site cutting, prefabricated walls manufactured in an enclosed shop.