Eco Facts

Built with nature at its core.

Hotel Terra was proud to pioneer as Wyoming’s first LEED-certified hotel. We continue to push well beyond LEED requirements in our effort to preserve and protect the environment that surrounds us.

Eco-Friendly Features

From fluorescent light bulbs to recycled steel, natural and organic mattresses to aluminum water bottles, we make sure that our hotel is green, while making sure it’s easy for you to be green, too.

Preserve, Protect, Inspire

Our eco-hotel is LEED certified, and we’re continually discovering new methods to preserve and protect the environment while still offering an indulgent (and healthier) hotel experience.

Same Light, Less Energy

Hotel Terra reduces greenhouse gases by almost exclusively using fluorescent light bulbs, which use 75% less energy. All power at the hotel is offset with the purchase of solar, hydro and wind energy. Additionally, our windows are Energy Star approved and extremely efficient. 

The windows help keep heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling.

Sweet, Breathable Dreams

While most mattresses contain pesticides, dioxins, formaldehyde and other chemicals, Terra Beds are 100% natural and organic – right down to the salt-water-based flame retardant. Our towels, bathmats and bathrobes are also 100% organic, free of pesticides and insecticides. 

Each mattress saves up to 60 pounds of petrochemicals from entering the environment.

Breathing in Through the Outdoors

We raise indoor air quality by circulating large amounts of outdoor air into guest rooms and employing energy recovery technology to recoup 81% of the heat from existing stale air. The hotel also uses low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) carpets and pads, sealants, paints and adhesives. 

This not only benefits everyone’s health but also reduce landfill, groundwater and ozone depleting contaminants.

Water Conservation

The hotel’s water-saving systems, low flow fixtures, dual flush toilets, and native landscaping requiring no irrigation, account for a 34% reduction in annual water use. Runoff water is collected in an underground tank, filtered and released back into the environment at a steady drip, reducing potential pollution. 

Just one of Hotel Terra’s dual flush toilets has a proven water savings of up to 18,000 gallons of water per year.

Second Time Around

Steel used throughout Hotel Terra’s building structure is 80% recycled, while 50% of construction waste accumulated during the hotel’s construction was either reused or recycled. 

Every time a ton of steel is recycled, 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 100 lbs. of coal and 40 lbs. of limestone is preserved.

Sip on this Eco-Fact

Did you know that the production of a plastic water bottle uses three times the water the container will actually hold? Guests of Hotel Terra are offered aluminum water bottles, handy water stations for refills and aluminum pump-bottles for bathroom amenities to reduce plastic bottle use.

Leather Facts

Leather elevator tiles come from Ecodomo, a company that uses tannery “scraps” to create leather tiles. The recycling process uses 99.8% of the products input in the manufacturing process in a closed-loop water filtration system. In addition, the generated waste is cleaned in order to be used in residential landfills. All products are low-VOC.

Glassy Fact

Glass never wears out; it can be recycled forever which is why Hotel Terra uses recycled glass in every bathroom countertop and soap dish.

For every ton of glass recycled, a great deal of resources are saved, including 1,330 lbs. of sand, 433 lbs. of soda ash, 433 lbs. of limestone and 151 lbs. of feldspar.

From Road to Rooftop

The roof of Hotel Terra is made from 100% recycled “Eco Shake” shingles, created from reinforced vinyl and cellulose fiber from recycled tires and other materials. Better up on high than in a landfill!