Spa Treatments

Rejuvenating mind, body and soul at Chill Spa.


Chill Spa Signature Herbal Poultice Massage
Muslin wrapped herbs are steamed to release the aroma and healing properties of turmeric, lemongrass and thai ginger, balancing the body and mind.
80 minutes - $210
110 minutes - $260

Renew River Stone
A deeply grounding massage experience, smooth, basalt hot stones are applied to the body to heat the belly of the muscle, priming it to receive a deep massage.
80 minutes – $210
110 minutes – $260

Arnica Sore-Muscle Massage
Find relief from over-used muscles with locally harvested arnica within a medium to deep pressure massage.
50 minutes – $145
80 minutes – $200

Essential Oil Therapy
Heal the mind and body through essential oils targeting personal ailments to elevate your deeply relaxing massage experience. Choose to detox the body, escape into a de-stressing concoction, or find pain relief from an active lifestyle.
50 minutes – $145
80 minutes – $200

Head & Neck Herbal Relief
Get an altitude adjustment with the use of steam dried herbs applied to the head, neck and shoulders to promote relaxation while increasing circulation and lymphatic flow.
25 minutes – $75

Swedish Organic Massage
50 minutes – $135
80 minutes – $190

Couples Massage
Enjoy side-by-side treatments in Chill Spa’s luxurious couple’s suite overlooking Teton Village.
50 minutes $280 per couple
80 minutes $390 per couple
Add a Private 25-minute Soak for two – $55

Reinvent Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes – $140
80 minutes – $190

Boot Recovery Treatment
A gentle orange peel buff rejuvenates the skin while massage techniques featuring pressure points and steamed herbal compress warm and loosen tense muscles, increasing blood flow and energy back to the lower legs. The perfect post-hike service!
40 Minutes $95


Chill Spa’s All Inclusive Organic Facial
Our experienced esthetician will customize an organic facial while incorporating Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, and a customized Product Infusion.
80 minutes – $250

Artic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating Facial
See anti-aging results with an enzymatic exfoliation and a natural peel featuring a powerful blend of arctic berries. Naturally-derived peptides finish the treatment with an illuminating glow!
80 minutes – $200

Purifying Probiotic Facial
Our organic products penetrate deep beneath the surface extracting toxins and releasing impurities using probiotics to improve skin’s health while Blue LED Light Therapy kills bacteria.
50 minutes – $150

Spiced Cocoa Berry Super Hydration Facial
A stimulating mud treatment prepares the skin for the pore-refining effects of raspberries while a chocolate mousse hydration treatment will leave you silky smooth.
50 minutes – $145

Purely Organic Facial
Let the experts choose from a selection of organic products specific for your face type.
50 minutes – $135
80 minutes – $190

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion
A pain-free, non-invasive alternative to traditional microdermabrasion, the ultrasonic technology instantly removes dead skin, improves cellular turnover, and evens tone.
$45 in any facial
25 minutes – $75

Ultrasonic Product Infusion
Professional organic products are infused 4,000 times deeper than hand application to target skin concerns.
$45 in any facial
25 minutes – $75

LED Light Therapy
Treat troublesome acne or target specific wrinkles with the power of red and/or blue LED light therapy. Red LED light is able to stimulate the body’s own cell regeneration while decreasing healing time and reducing redness in the skin. Blue LED light is used to address the acne bacteria that live in the pores and help eliminate unsightly breakouts.
– Acai Firming Infusion
– Arnic Anti-Redness Infusion
– Licorice Root Lightening Infusion
– Willow Bark anti-Blemish Infusion
$45 in any facial

Body Treatments

Lavender & Goats Milk Hydrating
Therapeutic dry brushing prepares the skin for rich shea crème infused with coconut oil and lavender finished with a dusting of goat’s milk powder for deep hydration. Raw lavender buds will exfoliate during a foot treatment. Relax with the effects of lavender while cocooned in a warm wrap and emerge feeling soft and hydrated.
80 minutes – $195

Reconnect Couples Champagne and Chocolate Experience
A romantic experience for two, this ritual includes chocolate & champagne while enjoying a fireside foot massage and transforms into a full body side-by-side unique aromatic candle massage experience built for couples.
110 Minutes – $500 per couple

Detox Organic Blueberry Body Wrap
A blueberry scrub and wrap loaded with powerful antioxidants will detox the body while aromatic scents of pure organic bliss relax the mind.
50 minutes – $140

Goat Milk Hydrating Soak
Nourish your skin with a lavish blend of goat’s milk, himalayan salts, lavender and cocoa butter.
20 minutes – $55

Mountain Glow Treatment
An invigorating back sugar scrub will give the hard-to-reach area relief featuring lemongrass essential oils. Balinese body palming will take you to a relaxing state to enjoy a transforming massage with nourishing organic oils.
80 minutes – $190