MADE at Hotel Terra

MADE Store


MADE's glass belt buckles are incredible!

MADE’s glass belt buckles are incredible!

MADE Jackson Hole is a one-of-a-kind store in downtown Jackson that has become a favorite shopping destination amongst locals and visitors. The store specializes in hand-crafted goods that you won’t find anywhere else, like amazing glass belt buckles made by-hand by John Frechette, MADE’s owner, to unique and handmade knickknacks, jewelry, and gifts.

“We see ourselves as a local gift shop. We’re committed to being open year-round,” says Frechette. “We want to be the place for locals to buy a gift card or baby present, and Jackson Hole locals have to buy those types of gifts in October just like in January or July. We have a good local following, and we cherish that! So many tourists and visitors come into MADE because they saw something on a local, said ‘I love your necklace,’ and that local told them about our store.”

For years MADE has been a the go-to spot for gifts in Jackson, and now it’s in Teton Village, too. There’s a MADE at Hotel Terra!

“We’ve had the shop in town for a while, and the gang at Hotel Terra were loyal customers,” says  Frechette. “When space opened up at Terra they came to us saying, ‘we love what you’re doing, what do you think about opening in the hotel.'” The rest, as they say, is history!

And, Hotel Terra’s guests are loving the retail option that’s now on-property. MADE’s pricepoint is reasonable, the selection is super cool, and 150 total artists—60 of which are local or regional—make everything by-hand!

John F in his store...

MADE’s owner, John Frechette, in his store.

“We’ve managed to get every husband, father, and boyfriend in the village styled with gifts to take home to their wives, children, and girlfriends,” says Frechette. “There’s jewelry, stuffed animals, unique boardgames and trinkets; all of the things you might have forgotten to bring on your vacation or want to take home to loved ones.”

Both stores—downtown Jackson and in Teton Village at Hotel Terra—have a similar feel. They’re bright and fun, welcoming and intriguing. Plus, they’re nice in there… “There’s nothing I hate more than walking into a store and no one says ‘hi,'” says Frechette. “We enjoy our customers’s stories as much as they enjoy learning about the art we’re selling…”