Featured Art at Hotel Terra

HT Art Moose in Lobby | Hotel Jackson Hole

The artwork hanging form Hotel Terra‘s walls, adorning the lobby, and coloring the hotel is one (of many) favorite features amongst guests staying at our hotel in Jackson Hole. We were committed to working with local galleries and artists from the very beginning, as we were sketching the hotel’s layout. Featuring artwork at the hotel was a point of emphasis by the world-renowned designers (namely Erin Langan, Senior Interior Design Associate at the Seattle-based design firm Susan Marinello Interiors) and the art is a major contributing factor to the atmosphere and feel at Hotel Terra.

Our mission has always been to curate local artists and illustrate the local scenery, animals, and lifestyle in a contemporary western approach.

Hotel Terra | Hotel Jackson Hole

“One of my favorite things in Hotel Terra is the moose in the lobby,” says Erin Langan. “When we started the design process, the mantra was ‘no antlers-no moose’ but I fell in love with the guy along the way and broke the rules. Now, you have to give him a rub every time you pass it, and—sure enough—the little moose has developed a shiny nose from comings and goings.”

HT Art Moose | Hotel Jackson HoleThe bronze moose sculptor that Langan loves is a piece of art by sculptor Jim Budish and has become a bit of a mascot for Hotel Terra and Teton Village. Jim is represented by the wonderful Diehl Gallery in Jackson, a gallery that cannot be missed for art collectors and appreciators visiting Jackson Hole.

Mariam Diehl, owner and founder of Diehl Gallery, is at the center of Jackson’s art scene and we work with her often to rotate pieces aimed at keeping a fresh feel.

HT Art Wolf | Hotel Jackson Hole“The art at Hotel Terra is in keeping with the hotel’s overall sensibility—fun, clean, energizing, light,” says Mariam Diehl. “It is contemporary without demanding that the viewer remain perplexed while looking at it. It has some moxy.” As Diehl says, the artwork at Hotel Terra is welcoming and fun—just like our hotel.

“Jackson Hole is known for its varied art scene, it’s vibrant,” says Mariam Diehl. “There are 26 thriving galleries in the newly-published 2014/2015 Jackson Hole Gallery Association gallery guide, and undoubtedly more galleries who aren’t listed in the guide. That’s a lot of art for a town of this size. Diehl Gallery focuses on contemporary art by living artists. We offer works that are accessible to a variety of collectors, including those with sophisticated art tastes and those who are new at collecting and still learning what they like. Through all of the work at Diehl there’s a sense of aesthetic. We believe firmly in beauty and work hard to present artists whose work illustrates beauty.”

HT Art Lobby | Hotel Jackson HoleIt should come as no surprise that Jackson Hole is a hotbed for art, we are surrounded by the most awe-inspiring artwork in the world: nature! Our stunning location has drawn people to its mountains during both summer and winter months for generations. People come to Jackson Hole to recreate and soak in their surroundings. “And when people come to a place to play, they’re often relaxed,” adds Diehl. “Which makes for a good frame of mind in which to view or buy art.”

So, be sure to devote some time to perusing the pieces of artwork that are featured at Hotel Terra. You’ll see black and whites by Nine Francois, and colorful, abstract horses along the wall at Terra Cafe by Carol Spielman (both represented in town by RARE). The owl in Terra Cafe is a piece by Amy Ringholz. And, the Diehl Gallery represents Jim Budish—the sculptor of our infamous moose at the front desk and the bucking bronco in the Terra II lobby.