ENLIGHTEN at Hotel Terra

ENLIGHTEN at Jackson Hole Lodging


As the snow started to melt, the wildflowers began to bloom, and spring sprung in Jackson Hole, we unfurled a campaign centered on one-word themes that highlight the Hotel Terra Experience. The first month began with “AWAKEN” as Jackson Hole began its crescendo towards summer and changing of seasons. It was apropos to coincide with the snow melt and warming temps, flowers blooming and calves being born, and animals awakening from a long hibernation.

AWAKEN at Jackson Hole Lodging




Now, as Jackson Hole is colored in summer, we focus our attention on a new word. ENLIGHTEN! At Hotel Terra, you see horns rather than hear them—sheep and moose and elk adorned with racks of horns, instead of the piercing and cacophonous horns you hear in urban settings. At Hotel Terra, a traffic jam is created by meandering herds of bison or awe-struck visitors snapping photos of nature, instead of racing commuters and hellbent drivers. Health, wellness, nature, and activity are tenents of Hotel Terra’s character, and the ENLIGHTEN theme illustrates those principles.

HT Enlighten spa oils | Jackson Hole SpaAs an eco-hotel, you’ll find healthy and delicious food at the Terra Cafe. There are myriad of rejuvenating treatments at Chill Spa. Our proximity to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks promise endless adventures, trails to hike, peaks to summit, and rivers to explore. All of these—and so much more—contribute to the ENLIGHTEN theme!

HT Enlighten balloon | Jackson Hole Things to DoSo, if you’re looking for a hotel in Jackson Hole that personifies the ENLIGHTEN theme, visit Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole. Be sure to jump in on the action if you have a Hotel Terra or Jackson Hole photo that illustrates the #Awaken or #Enlighten message. We’re always on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be sure to use #gojacksonhole and #terraexperience with your post; we’d love to see anything you capture during your time at Hotel Terra. And keep your eyes peeled for the third theme we’ll be unveiling soon.