An Exciting Summer Follows a Fantastic Winter

Summer in Jackson Hole Fly Fishing and Exploring National Parks

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort ended the season of Winter 2012/2013 last week. It was an amazing season! Reports from the Mountain show that the season ended with the most skier and rider visits in their history. They had a 502,222 visits this season! Each year, only 17 to 20 resorts actually reach 500,000 visitors, so this is a celebration.

Now that winter is over, we are looking forward to the Spring Season and Summer Season in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Spring and summer are special times when you can spend time floating down the Snake River — and the best times are when you can enjoy a cold beverage in one hand and a fishing pole in the other. It’s also time to enjoy grilling burgers and steaks on the patio until late evening. Enjoy the beauty of the nature and the majesty of the National Parks and mountains. Many of our locals spent their winter vacation in Jackson Hole and decided to stayed because the summer is so beautiful. While it’s hard to imagine that there is a lot to do after an amazing ski season, we have spectacular summers too.

We look forward to welcoming you during the spring and summer season. We will show you why summer in Jackson Hole is so amazing!